a poet who sees the storm in each soul

and the seed of beauty in each cell

and wants to share it with the world

A Tilt

The dizzying swing

of the rocking chair


The tilt menacing enough

to remind of the bitterness

of loss

yet of the sweetness

of not falling.

"A compelling first book. The voice of a poet with lyrical impulse."

Rosemary Sullivan

Now available 

on Indigo.ca
and Amazon.com 

Toronto poet, Farideh de Bosset has always been passionate about litera­ture, language, science and the un­conscious. Perhaps that is why, as a psychiatrist, she is not so far removed from her creative pursuits as a poet. 

de Bosset has just released her first book of poetry entitled “A Tilt”. It is published by Inanna Pub­lication and Education Inc. York University. The title refers to life being lived on a fine balance, or a tilt, an experience inten­sified by being an immigrant. 

de Bosset’s poetic and cultural roots go back to Iran, where she was born. The history of Persian literature and poetry goes back to around the sixth century BC where even the scientific works were written in verse. de Bosset has a familial one as well. “Poetry was a part of everyday life for me,” explains de Bosset, “while growing up in Iran, it was the language of our household. My parents often communicated by reciting poetry, one starting a line, the other continuing.” 

In content, much of her poetry connects to her work. de Bosset considers every human being as her muse from whom she draws inspiration. Simply written, yet profound, her poetry has universality and is accessible. 

They are mostly short stories covering a large life experiences from birth, mother/child relationship, spirituality to old age and death. She feels that poetry can contribute to self-understanding, discovering things we did not know about ourselves and each other. 

“People reading my poems will realize that there are others who feel exactly the same way and who have the same struggles,” says de Bosset, “the poems will help them understand something that is in them and know they are not alone.” 

Poet Ken Mitchell, says of her poetry: "Farideh de Bosset is not only a ‘new Canadian’ poet, she is an enticing voice of insight and inspiration...she elevates all minds and spirits, as she redefines her relationship with the material world."